Latest Sermons

Ezra – Nehemiah: The Wall Is Finished, The Work Is Not

Max Eaton, 10th February 2019

Ezra – Nehemiah: Keeping On Track

John Wheeler, 3rd February 2019

Ezra – Nehemiah: Grace To The Poor

Chris Smith, 20th January 2019


Ezra – Nehemiah: Building In The Face Of Opposition

Max Eaton, 13th January 2019

Joseph’s Season Of Preparation (New Year’s Message)

Richie Powell, 6th January 2019


Let The Light In

Richie Powell, 16th December 2019

Ezra – Nehemiah: Called To Build Together

Max Eaton, 9th December 2018


Ezra – Nehemiah: Prepare In Prayer

Richie Powell, 2nd December 2018

Who Do You Say I Am?

Richie Powell, 25th November 2018


Ezra – Nehemiah: When God Makes You Cry

Sam Hailes, 18th November 2018

Ezra – Nehemiah: Repentance Is The Issue

Richie Powell, 11th November 2018


Five Reasons To Rejoice Every Sunday

Trevor Payne, 4th November 2019

Light Of The World

Max Eaton, 28th October 2018


The Great Exchange

Chris Smith, 7th October 2018

Ezra – Nehemiah: God & Kings

Max Eaton, 30th September 2018


Ezra – Nehemiah: Enter The Man Of Courage

Richie Powell, 23rd September 2018

What Are Your Expectations?

Richie Powell, 9th September 2018


Summer Sermons: Let Us Go To The Other Side

Joseph Bediako, 26th August 2018

Summer Sermons: The Woman At The Well

Sam Hailes, 19th August 2018


Summer Sermons: Jesus, Taxes & The Goodness Of God

Chris Smith, 29th July 2018