Regions Beyond London Bible School

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The Regions Beyond London Bible School

Who is it for?

Regions Beyond London Bible School equips people for the broadest range of Christian ministry – it is not restricted to those in areas of leadership. This course also provides a theological foundation for those whose calling in God is to serve as leaders within the local church and who intend to later enrol for the Advanced Leadership Programme, also run by Regions Beyond.

This foundation course is for anyone who:
– desires to know more about their faith
– wants to understand the main books of the bible
– aims to get to grips with Christian doctrine

The aims of this programme are to:
– produce life-long foundations
– impart faith through anointed ministry
– establish a sound theological understanding of scripture
– enhance the ability to communicate vital truths to others
– enable participants to more effectively disciple others

How long will it take?

There are 20 days of training split over a 2 year period. The programme begins in October and runs on one Saturday of each month, excluding August. School holiday periods are avoided. A certificate of study is awarded at the end of the course.

Is there extra study?
YES: To get the best out of the training, it is recommended that you complete 3 assignments each year. These take the form of either essays or subject studies, depending on which learning style suits you best.

Assignments will be assessed and graded for your encouragement & support.

Mentoring is provided free! This means that if you need guidance on assignments and tips on what to study & how to go about it, there will be help available.

What does it cover?

Biblical Studies Old Testament
– Historical Survey and Overview
– Theology of the Old Testament
– Understanding Hebrew Literature
– Prophets: Isaiah to Malachi
– Psalms
– Developments between Malachi and Matthew

New Testament & Christian Doctrine
– Culture and Literature of the 1st Century
– Romans
– Scripture
– The person of God and the Trinity
– The person of Christ
– The person of the Holy Spirit
– Doctrine of Christ & Salvation
– Doctrine of Man
– Eschatology Church History
– The Early Church
– The Reformation
– The Modern Church
– Revival

What does it cost?

£30 per session discounted to £270 a year if paid in advance. Compared with all other Christian training programmes of this kind Region Beyond London Bible School offers exceptional value for money.

Dates for 2023/24

7th October

11th November

2nd December

6th January

3rd February

2nd March

6th April

4th May

1st June

6th July

Tea and Coffee 8.30am, Course 9am-3pm

with 40 minutes for you to enjoy your packed lunch